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Keep warm this winter with our Heat Transfer Kit

Our Heat Transfer Kits

The Heat Transfer Kit utilises and redistributes existing warm air from a room that has a single heat source (such as a fireplace or potbelly stove), to colder rooms around the home using an inline fan.
Gradually the Inline fan will warm the colder rooms creating a more temperature balanced house.

We strongly suggest that a qualified electrician install one of our heat transfer kits.


Provides a warm environment throughout winter for you and your family.


Fan costs under 5¢ to run per kWh *based on HTK2 inline fan


The inline fan shuts off in the event of an electrical fault.


3 kits available

Designed for safety, the kits come supplied with Australian Standards (AS/NZS 4859.1) approved fire-rated insulated ducting and the inline-fan shuts off in case of electrical fault.

1 - 1 Room
1 - 2 Rooms
1 - 3 Rooms


Yes –  The inlet vent has an adjustable closure and can be closed by simply screwing the inverted cone centre. The outlet vent(s) can be closed by pushing in and turning the central knob to activate the internal butterfly damper.

The fan used in the HTK1 has one speed setting, and the fans used in HTK2 & HTK3 kits have a two speed adjustment setting.

The insulated ducting used in all kits has a rating of Rt.06 meaning it is suitable for transferring warm or cool air where there is no direct connection to the heat source.

Yes, the kits can be extended by a maximum of 3 metres. We highly recommend installer works out a planned layout to identify if additional components are required as each installation will vary.

No – kits can be used in conjunction with any centrally located heat source. However, the kits are not to be directly connected to any flue.

The fan should be positioned 2/3 distance from the inlet, making sure the air flow arrow is pointing towards the outlets.

For optimum efficiency the inlet should be located 2 metres away from the heat source.

No – the kits are only designed to transfer existing warm air from a room and should not be directly connected to the heat source itself.

The insulated ducting complies with Australian & New Zealand  Standards AS/NZS 4859.1

For technical information please refer to our information sheet here